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Welcome To Woodruff Supply Co. Inc.

Woodruff Supply Co, Inc has over 70 years experience providing quality mining and industrial supplies for many applications.

Mining, water well, construction, quarry-aggregate, exploration, monitoring, shaft, limited access, or your custom requirements. Our products are sold and used worldwide through a network

of quality representatives. If you are interested in purchasing any of our products an associate is standing by to assist you.

Our representatives :


Woodruff Supply began as Ashmore Distributors in the early 40’s. Lawrence our grandfather and his brother Ben owned a gulf oil distributorship located next door to where Woddruff is still located today. In 1945 Lawrence opened Ashmore Supply to supply the coal mining businesses operating in the area. Lawrence passed away in 1946. Elva his wife told me a long time ago that she ran the business for 4 years. She then remarried to Don Woodruff. Don changed the name to what it is still today. Don operated the business until 1957 when John and Mary Ann Ashmore Dugger our father and mother took over the business. William Fox joined John and Mary Ann in 1958 and was a vital part of the growth to Woodruff Supply. 1981 John started Rite-crete concrete products. Rite-crete services packaged cement products to a wide range of industries around the country. We currently package under the brand Pakmix. In 1985 John became disabled and Mary Ann stayed at home to take care of him until she passed in 1993. Danny Dugger my brother and I are now 3rd generation owners of Woodruff Supply.



Woodruff Supplies mission is to be a leading supplier of mining and industrial supplies to all areas of the country. Our goal is to get our orders completed in the most efficient and cost effective manners for our customers.


  • Custom steel or pvc pipe cutting, threading, grooving (cut or rolled)
  • Custom chains with or without hooks
  • Custom chain hangers
  • Custom cement blending bagged or super sacks
  • Custom colored mortars per your specifications
  • Bagged sands and blasting abrasives.